Why Digital Marketing is a Necessity?
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Business owners want to reach more customers… convince them to purchase their products or services. And maximize profits. To achieve this, as a startup, you are confronted with the task of looking for marketing platforms where you can reach all your potential customers. Traditional marketing methods have failed in this regard. 

Today, digital marketing remains an essential tool to succeed in your business. If effectively-implemented, digital marketing can significantly scale your business as it exposes your brand to relevant demographics.
If you are yet to actualize the full potentials of your business, it’s important for you to use digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing meets people where they can be found. With more than three billion people using one social media or another, digital marketing keeps you connected to those who are interested in the product or services you offer.
  • ​Digital marketing is free from location-barrier. Digital makes it possible to reach a much wider audience within a short period of time. Therefore, a business doesn’t have any reason to lament over inability to reach its target market due to geographical barrier or similar reasons. This is because digital marketing connects people that are distant apart in space and time.
  • Digital marketing places big and small businesses on equal status. One of the features of business is competition. In everyday life, small companies are usually swept off their feet by the big companies. However, in the digital space, there is a leveled playing ground for all businesses to thrive. Digital marketing gives small businesses the same platform to showcase their products. In fact, platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords allow you to advertise based on your budget. That is, you don’t have to empty your treason before placing Ads in digital space.
  • Digital marketing streamlines complex demographics. And focuses on your targeted audience only. For example, someone who wants to run a traditional marketing ads for singlet may decide to do so on a sports magazine because it’s believed that males are the most interested group in his product. However, there may also be females among the audience of the sports magazine who do not use signet. This demographics is quite large. But with the use of digital marketing strategy, you can narrow down your audience to males of a particular age bracket. This method enables you to reach the right people.
  • ​Digital marketing uses advanced analytics tools that allow you to monitor all activities on your ads. For example, if you run a TV or magazine ads, you can’t be precise about the number of people that viewed it. However, with digital marketing advanced analytics, you can know:
  • ​The time your ads are seen. 
  • Maybe there is interaction on it or not.
  • Maybe it is liked or not.
  • Maybe it is shared to another or not.
  • If it causes users to perform another action or not.
  • If it converts to sales or not.
Summarily, the application of digital marketing to your business is strongly tied to your business prosperity.

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About the Author:
Sunet Human

After 20 years Sunet quit her corporate career to start her own digital marketing agency. She has a passion for design and nothing gives her greater pleasure to provide help and advise where it's needed. It is her determination and no-nonsense attitude that have lead her clients to call her extremely thorough and hard working. 

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