Why Digital Marketing is more successful than Traditional Marketing
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The main objective of any marketing effort is either for brand awareness or conversion. Every business wants more visitors to be converted to customers. Because the number of visitors on your website does not accomplish your business goals. Your marketing success is determined by the number of customers that purchase your product and services. In this article, we will look at factors that make digital marketing efforts succeed. 

Digital marketing becomes the best alternative with the continuous decline in the success rate of traditional marketing approach.

Limitations of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing uses conventional means of advertisement like TV commercials, newspapers or magazines, billboards and many more. However there are limitations found with the use of these platforms for marketing purposes. Limitations include:
  • Users of traditional marketing platforms are limited. Every TV show, magazines have many people that are not subscribers. Making it difficult to keep the viewers updated.
  • Target can’t access a website directly from this platform. They can’t click a site on their TV commercials or magazines. They can only pen address or business location down. Of course, they might ignore later or even forget. 
  • The targeted audience grants limited time to magazines or TV commercials compared to time spent online.
  • ​Starting a traditional marketing scheme is very expensive
You don’t need to slow business down with this limited traditional marketing.

Era of Website

Website serves as a better alternative to traditional marketing. It is a page created by business or other entities to project their brand online. Is it perfect for marketing?
The Frustration of Website that Lack Digital Marketing Strategy

No matter how beautifully designed a website is or how goods its contents are, it will remain unproductive if it lacks digit marketing strategy. This is because it may not be visited at all by the targeted audience. Even if it is visited, it may still fail in the conversion of visitors to customers.

Success of Digital Marketing
  • With the use of digital marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can optimize your website content with keywords and rank high when searched on search engines.
  • ​By employing pay per clicks (PPC) for digital marketing campaign, you create keywords that are connected to your business. When people begin to click, you pay for the charges. This enables you to effectively manage your ad spend.
  • ​By using e-mail marketing, you can reach out to any given number of your subscribers in real time to share information and adverts.
  • ​With social media marketing, you can reach a much wider audience in real time. A click on the social media ads, Facebook Ads, for instance, will take potential clients straight to your website.
  • ​Digital marketing uses CTAs (call to actions). If well integrated into your content, it boosts your conversion rate.
  • ​It gives room for editing and modifications. Unlike your ads on traditional marketing channels where you can’t edit, digital marketing makes you edit anytime.
  • ​Digital marketing campaign uses analytic tools that help you track important metrics. For instance, you can know the time your ads are seen and clicked, among other metrics.
  • ​It is absolutely user-friendly and accessible to all internet users.
  • ​Unlike magazines or TV where anyone can have access to your product, digital marketing makes you set barriers to ineligible people on your site.
  • ​Digital marketing enables you to leverage the integrity of marketing channels like social media platforms and as such, you build trust in your potential customers.
Summarily, digital Marketing campaigns are successful when the right strategies are implemented.

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  Why digital marketing is more successful
  Digital Marketing vs             Traditional Marketing
  Digital Marketing vs             Traditional Marketing
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  8 SInger street                        Potchefstroom 
      South Africa 
  Phone: +27 84 822  3449
  Email:                                              info@salesleads365.com
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