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Birthed out of pure love for delivering effective digital solutions and strategies, Sales Leads 365 seeks to help businesses achieve their much desired target of digital success. We have put together a creative agency consisting of intelligent, innovative and passionate individuals dedicated to helping you at every step of the way. Being fully aware when it comes to digital marketing there’s nothing like a one-size-fits-all approach, our digital solutions are designed to suit your unique needs, vision as well as budget. What drives us is our passion for delivering massive leads, closing numerous deals and watching as your business grows give us immense joy.

Why Choose Sales Leads 365?

01. Industry Leaders

We enjoy working closely with our clients.Finding the perfect partner for your business, especially when it comes to investing your hard-earned money into the right digital solutions and strategies can be a herculean task. At Sales Leads 365, we have successfully garnered in-depth knowledge and an extensive network of industry thought leaders to ensure your digital goals are achieved in the fastest manner possible.

02. Technical Capabilities

We may seem like just another local brand, but we possess a major brand differentiator that you can also enjoy. When you come to us, not only do you benefit from the expertise of our experienced team, but also get to move towards a much more sustainable growth.

03. Bespoke Digital Solutions

You may have similar pain points and difficulties as other business, but your goals and objectives are varied. Sales Leads 365 understands the uniqueness of your business and creates an approach based solely on your organization’s specific needs and vision.

Sunet has a strong background in advertising and graphic design and has been involved in the corporate sector for more than 15 years. As the team leader of print, media and design for over 7 years, Sunet has been involved in various marketing campaigns including corporate branding, divisional launches and event management. Sunet can be described a creative, dependable and a fast learning generalist with a passion for great design.

Based in Potchefstroom, North West Sunet started designing from a young age and most of her design skills and knowledge are self-taught through various designing institutions. A range of skills including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw were learned and mastered during her career.
Sunet’s eager and progressional outlook on life has taught her in order to succeed in life you must be willing to do whatever it takes. With a designing background and entrepreneurial hunger, Sunet enrolled for her BA in Communications at University of South Africa but still that was not enough. After 20 years of corporate slavery she quit her career to start her own business and enrolled for an intensive FastTrack course in digital marketing which she completed and passed with excellence.

It is her determination and no-nonsense attitude that have lead her clients to call her extremely thorough and hard working. Sunet is respected as a partner of businesses by not treating businesses as customers but rather as equals looking to achieve success collaboratively. It is her commitment and belief that has brought her this far and she will stop at nothing until results are achieved.

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Sales leads 365 takes the pain to fully comprehend your business and customers. Then, we build a plan that is in alignment and powerful enough to deliver the much-needed results. See what our customers have to say.
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I have been working alongside Sunet Human from Sales Leads 365 for 16 weeks. I was amazed to see to what extent she would go to make projects work and make results happen. The way she applies her Ad Copy speaks of experience and skill. The same is true for her Ad Creatives. She will not stop until she delivers the results. I highly recommend Sales Leads 365 for anyone who is looking for more clients. I trust Sales Leads 365 and hope to work with her for many more years to come.

Inet KempOwner

I have entrusted Sunet over the past few weeks to handle my digital marketing and SEO
services and she has done an excellent job in all areas. I have come to really enjoy working
with Sunet. I’ve gained over 600 followers on Facebook in just 4 days. She is extremely
thorough in her work and hard working, and would literally go the extra mile, even if it
means responding to my texts at 10pm on a Saturday night, wow!
I am not big on outsourcing services, but after speaking and working with Sunet I can
honestly say that I am pleasantly surprised and would definitely offer her services to

Sanli TaljaardOwner

We’ve had a very positive experience with Sunet’s services! Over the years we’ve tried
several strategies and we’ve learned that our best working relationship are with someone
who is willing to collaborate, share, learn and grow and who’s excited about getting results
from their hard work. She expanded our social media presence on Facebook by over 500 followers in just a few days. She was very understanding of our company’s’ needs and she
has treated me like a partner instead of a customer throughout this whole journey. She is an
amazing social media expert and she’s super creative and connected to the digital world.
She was a pleasure to work with, as well as super fast to respond and adapt to our needs
and requests. I highly recommend her services.

Werner TaljaardOwner
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